ALL DAY WALKS are still suspended until further notice

All Day Walks

All Day Walks are on the first Monday of the month


PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING BOOT COVERS/PLASTIC BAGS to put over your boots at the lunch stop - we only want to leave behind a good impression not mud on the carpet.

Weald of Kent from above West Peckham

Dates for 2020 are:

6 Jan (Fig of 8 fr 3 Chequers Darenth)

3 Feb (Fig of 8 fr Nevill Bull Birling)

2 Mar (9.6m circular Hosey Common)

6 April (Fig of 8 fr Underriver)

4 May (Route TBC )

1 June (Route TBC)

6 July (Route TBC)

3 Aug (Route TBC)

7 Sept (Route TBC)

5 October (Route TBC)

2 November (Route TBC)

30 November [December Walk] (Route TBC)


See 2020 Walk Detailsfor meeting place and route details.


Maps of the route(s) will be in Members Area in due course.

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