EYNSFORD & CROCKENHILL RIGTS OF WAY GROUP                  - Our History

The Group promotes the use of the Public Footpath Network in the two Parishes and ensures that it is kept in good order.

1973 (September):

Founded as the Voluntary Footpath Sub-Committee of Eynsford Parish Council (which in those days included Crockenhill). Parish Councils then haved some responsibility for the retention of the footpath network

1975 (March):

Changed its name to Eynsford and Crockenhill Rights Of Way Group

1977: Adopted its own constitution. Until then it had been funded solely by the Parish Council, but thereafter grant-adided by Parish Council, it also introduced membership sunscriptions and operates independently.

1987: When Crockenhill became a Parish separate from Eynsford, the Rights of Way Group decided to carry on as before now covering two parishes.

Chairmen: There have been four long-serving Chairmen covering most of the Groups' existence:

F Wheatley (1970s); Dick Savill (1980s); Ken Pitman (1990s - 2003) and Mike Riches (2004 -)


In the early days the Group had 40-50 members largely living within the local area. After Ken Pittman inaugurated the Monday morning walks in 1984 the membership expanded into the 100s and drawn from a wider area.

More to follow - watch this space

From those small beginnings we have grown to over 250 members, and while the founding principles remain unchanged we try to ensure that walking is both healthy and fun. Our aim is keeping local paths accessible and safe for all to enjoy, while at the same time providing a range of walks to new venues where possible, and with a variety of long and short walks that cater for the varying needs of members.